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The Only Course That Gives You A Step By Step Process To Successfully Resolve Conflict

Conflict resolution is one of the most challenging issues that couples face and without guiding principles and a proven process you can find yourselves stuck in a lonely, disconnected relationship. The Marriage Boot Camp process has successfully helped thousands of couples break the power struggles and connect in ways they never thought possible. If you’re ready to find your way back home to your loved one, this is the course for you!

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Athens, TX (MBC)

Hi Elizabeth, I wanted to write you a separate message. I wanted to thank you and Jim so much for your ministry. I don’t know if you recall, but that season on marriage boot camp was right before I got married, and I got to watch you both talking to all the cast, all the material that doesn’t get put on the show of course, when you really helped them understand what made a marriage a strong and powerful union of respect. I remember you talking to “the situation” and his girlfriend (I think Lauren) and how much there relationship needed communication and feeling listened to and appreciated and trusted and not judged. The tactics of mirroring and making sure that communication was a priority. I know that you both already are aware of the impact you’ve had on many lives, and I know you already think of yourselves in ministry with what you did on that show. But I wanted to let you both know first hand how much your teaching has impacted my life. I was very unaware of marriage and what to do or expect, and I truly think that getting to see you guys on marriage boot camp was life changing for us. I’m really not sure if the marriage would have made it without all the guidance you guys gave. So thank you very much for everything, you were a true God send for me and a blessing in our lives and in our marriage which I know will be a huge blessing to our child as well. Daniel


I had given up on my marriage and on myself. This was a last hope and my husband was willing but not truly sold on the idea. We were lost.In four days I found myself and the issues that kept me from being a happy person and a loving wife. I learned about personal pain and the walls I had built making it impossible to have a healthy relationship. My husband was equally successful in identifying and releasing past hurts. We learned to forgive the past and focus on the future and best, fell in-love again in a healthy a stronger way. We disagree yet it will not break us. We can argue but have tools to fight fair and make the conflict not only shorter but effective when using communication skills we lacked. Best, after a short time our children can sense a change and their own stress is now gone.Happy is a real word everyday finally.


Dallas, TX (MBC & LEBC)

I'm Committed to Help Heal Marriages & Relationships For Over 10 Years


Marriage Boot Camp helped save my marriage...


The most powerful ministry you will ever encounter...


Helped Me Alot


Great Work. Thanks!

Hey, I'm Elizabeth Carroll. I am a life coach, and a certified Belief Therapist with a masters education in counseling psychology.

My husband Jim created the Boot Camp seminars almost 30 years ago as a coach under Dr. Phil. You might recognize us from the Marriage Boot Camp TV show or perhaps you've been to one of our seminars. Jim is a business man, a filmmaker and the founding Director of the Boot Camp.

Get the Focused Key Secrets with This Course

Conflict in relationship is complex and frustrating but with this course you can master a process that is simple to follow, easy to understand, and quick to apply. You will be given short videos to watch followed by application exercises that will give you the tools to heal and find win-win solutions.

The Objective Is Connection!


Learn the Rules Of Engagement for Success


Identify Your Unique Cycles Of Conflict


Learn What Every Couple Is Fighting For


Learn How Your Early Imprint Shows Up in Conflict


Learn How To Repair Broken Relationship Bonds

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The Marriage Boot Camp Academy

We've reached, touched and healed tens of thousands of marriages and lives! Grads say that the Boot Camp is life changing and rank it as one of the top 10 peak experiences of their lives! Now we’re bringing this life changing experience into your own home.

Do you have the life and relationships that you've always wanted? Many people don't and here at the Marriage Boot Camp Academy, we offer solutions. In fact, research shows that the Boot Camp method is twice as effective as traditional marriage counseling! It is our mission to give you a rock-solid marriage because strong marriages create strong families with healthy, happy children and everybody benefits!

We've also been divorced and remarried and know first-hand how difficult relationships can be. From this experience, we've developed proven ways to break through the most challenging relationship roadblocks and help you grow and heal in a fun, interactive, private, online experience using video teaching, online quizzes, worksheets and more.

We've reached, touched and healed tens of thousands of marriages and lives! Grads say that the Boot Camp is life changing and rank it as one of the top 10 peak experiences of their lives! Now we’re bringing this life changing experience into your own home.

Join us! We can't wait to see you become the best version of you!